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We provide a nurturing learn-through-play, child-centered environment. We offer an enriching, challenging curriculum that will develop a child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual growth. This environment appeals to a child’s sense of wonder and curiosity as they discover new things about their physical and spiritual worlds. Our preschool is an inclusive place for the community of learners.  It is our philosophy to offer diversity of experience, culture and ability whereby creativity will be encouraged and enhanced.  We feel it is very important to build a partnership with families.  Our goal is to support families in their parenting role and as the primary educators of their child.


Our individualized program is intended to stimulate the child’s learning to be a self-confident thinker, a peacemaker, an appreciative and communicative collaborator and a responsible citizen in our community and world.  Learning through play sharpens physical skills and enhances good health, sportsmanship and compassion.  Children are exposed to a quality teaching staff that focuses on building a foundation for spiritual growth, reading and writing readiness, science, mathematics, creative arts, and music.

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