CCEP Covid Policies

1. Classes over 10 kids will be split into groups A & B (currently only Pre-K). These kids will stay together and will never mix with another group. The state does allow a max of 20 students per group, but we would like to start with smaller group sizes.

2. Currently the Pre-K room will be split in half and groups will rotate between the classroom; this is not during the day. This will give every group an opportunity to access all materials for their age group. We will not have enough space in each half room to offer all learning centers.

3. All kids will enter the preschool through the outside doors. Parents will not be able to enter the classrooms. This is to limit exposure and limit contamination of the clean room.

4. Parents will need to wear masks to drop off and pick up. The state requires that no parent enter the preschool.

5. Students will use hand sanitizer before entering the room. Students will also have their temperature checked and a wellness check done through the Bloomz app. This will be documented per new rules.

6. Drop off and pickup times may vary to limited contact with other families. Example: Pre-K Group A (9am-12pm) and Pre-K Group B (9:15am-12:15pm)

7. Kids will have their own classroom supplies (crayons, playdough, scissors, etc…). Supplies will be kept in a shoe box. These supplies will be provided by the preschool excluding markers. We will ask parents to purchase their student a pack of Crayola markers.

8. All kids will bring their own snack. This will help limit staff touching food that children will eat.

9. Staff and students will be required to wear face coverings (excludes the 1's and 2's class)

10. Staff will be screened upon arrival and temperature taken. This also will be logged per the new rules.

11. All classrooms with be cleaned and sanitized daily with bleach. This has been our normal protocol and cleaning schedule.

12. Students will be required to wash or sanitize their hands as the move through the classroom.  When a student is done playing at an area they will wash or sanitize their hands before entering another space in the room.  This is monitored by the teacher and the main reason we have kids split into small groups.